The New Bedford Museum of Glass
Our Nation's Heritage in Glass
March 2007 - Ongoing (open-ended)
New Bedford City Hall
133 William St., New Bedford, MA 02740

The largest public display of American historical glass in the country, this exhibition presents more than 500 examples of glass with decorative motifs relating directly to American political and cultural history. Most of the items on view were donated to the Museum in 1999 by the late Mrs. Warren P. Tingley, a student and collector of historical glass. Special strengths of the Tingley Collection include 19th-century political campaign glass, glass from the 1876 Centennial Exhibition and the 1893 Columbian Exposition, Bicentennial glass and glass commemorating American historical events. Mrs. Tingley assembled the collection over a three-decade period, during which time she compiled extensive research notes on the subject. Her dedication and intellectual curiosity has resulted in an impressive exhibit that perfectly complements its present location at the seat of local government.
New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang at the opening of "Our Nation's Heritage in Glass," March 12, 2007
Frederick Shirley and New Bedford Glass
September 2005 - Ongoing (open-ended)
The Old Dartmouth Historical Society
18 Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford, MA 02740

In the summer of 2005 the family of Mt. Washington Glass Company agent Frederick S. Shirley (b. 1841, d. 1908) donated a remarkable archive of New Bedford glassmaking history to NBMOG.  This archive, known as the Shirley Papers, contains original patents, trade catalogs, correspondence, photographs, exhibition awards and even a draft of the company's Articles of Incorporation. Four years earlier the Museum had received as a gift from the Botanical Museum of Harvard University a beautiful eight-foot long cherry wood display case built c. 1890 to house the famous Glass Flowers collection.These two unrelated gifts came together in the fall of 2005 for an installation of glass company documents mounted by NBMOG at the local historical society (aka the New Bedford Whaling Museum!). Featured in the display case is a selection of items from the Shirley Papers,  including the original 1886 letter from Queen Victoria to Frederick Shirley thanking him  for the company's gift of art glass in their new "Burmese" line.
Display case featuring Mt. Washington Glass Co. archival material from the Shirley Papers
One of three display cases mounted with Victorian glass sugar shakers and syrup bottles from the NBMOG Collection
Sugar Shakers & Syrup Bottles
May 2008 - May 2009
New Bedford Antiques Center
85 Coggeshall St., New Bedford, MA 02740

In 2002 NBMOG member Carl F. Barron donated an extensive collection of Victorian sugar shakers and syrup bottles to the Museum in memory of his late wife Ruth. The collection numbers more than 150 examples and covers a wide range of glass factories and production techniques. Particularly well represented are examples of shaded opalescent glass from late 19th-century midwestern companies such as Northwood (Wheeling, WV and Indiana, PA), Hobbs (Wheeling, WV), Consolidated (Fostoria, OH), Beaument (Martins Ferry, OH) and Jefferson (Steubenville, OH and Follansbee, WV). This production is documented extensively by author William Heacock in his Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Pattern Glass series (published in the 1970s), which served as an important reference for Mrs. Barron as she built the collection. NBMOG is grateful to the New Bedford Antiques Center for donating space to accommodate the exhibition, and to NBMOG member Pam Levine for donating the beautiful display cases.
Selection of New Bedford glass currently on display at New Bedford City Hall
Our City's Heritage of Glassmaking
March 2007 - Ongoing (open-ended)
New Bedford City Hall
133 William St., New Bedford, MA 02740

Adjacent to its exhibit of American historical glass at New Bedford City Hall NBMOG has mounted a small installation of locally-made glass. This display became an instant favorite with City Hall visitors and workers due to the rich colors and delicate decorations of the glass on view. Included are examples of Burmese glass donated by Gordon Rockwell and the New Bedford Preservation Society, Smith Brothers glass donated by John Lavasseur, Lois Hirschmann and Roberta Sawyer, Pairpoint Ruby Twist donations from Jay & Micki Doros and Mr. & Mrs. Ross G. Nelson, and fine Pairpoint and Gundersen gifts from Edward Corrie, Ralph & Elinor Saarinen, Phil Gardella, Kirk Nelson, Michael Jodoin and the family of Nicholas Rodrigues. The attractive display cabinets housing the City Hall installation came to the Museum as a generous gift from trustee William Pitt and the late Louis O. St. Aubin, Jr.
Sea glass photographs by Celia Pearson shown in the NBMOG booth at the 2008 Sandwich Glass Show on Cape Cod, MA
Sea Glass: The Art Photography of Celia Pearson
September 19-21, 2008
The Sandwich Glass Show
324 Quaker Meetinghouse Rd., E. Sandwich, MA 02537

NBMOG's educational booth at the 2008 Sandwich Glass Show featured the extraordinary work of Annapolis, MD photographer Celia Pearson. Ms. Pearson was commissioned to do the photography for the book Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMotte (Chestertown, MD: Chesapeake Seaglass Publishing, 2004). The book has become a popular sensation, selling more than 65,000 copies and inspiring the organization of an annual convention that attracted 3,500 participants in 2008. Ms. Pearson's images, which contribute significantly to the book's appeal, transcend the subject of sea glass. Through her sensitivity to the color, shape and surface texture of the glass, her mastery of lighting and her eye for graphic composition, Pearson creates images that read as works of abstract art on many levels. Made with Iris and Ilfochrome print technology,  they can measure up to thirty inches in size, inspiring an element of surprise and surreal delight  as tiny bits of colored glass assume the sculptural presence of Colossi.